About FGV EESP Clear

The Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Brazil and Lusophone Africa (FGV EESP Clear) is hosted in the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), a renowned think thank and higher education institution dedicated to the promotion of Brazilian socioeconomic development. FGV EESP Clear is part of the São Paulo School of Economics (EESP), within the Applied Microeconomics Center (C-Micro), and additionally benefits from FGV’s multidisciplinary environment, which includes a renowned Public Administration academic program in the São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP).

FGV EESP Clear is one of the 6 regional centers constituting the CLEAR Initiative, a global action by various entities and countries that aims to improve policies and programs through capacity building and Monitoring & Evaluation systems. Following the initiatives’ line of action, FGV EESP Clear serves Brazil and Lusophone Africa, on national and subnational levels, within three main axes of the M&E area: (i) Projects; (ii) Capacity Building; and (iii) Publications. In order to achieved its proposed mission, partnerships are established with various stakeholders, including governments, private agents, civil society and academia.