About FGV EESP Clear

The chapter for Brazil and Lusophone Africa of the Center for Learning on Evaluation Results (Clear) is hosted by the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a major think tank and higher education institution, with over 70 years of history, dedicated to the promotion of socioeconomic development in Brazil.

FGV EESP Clear belong to the São Paulo School of Economics and is part of the Center for Applied Microeconomics (C-Micro). Clear also benefits from the multidisciplinary environment at FGV, which offers a prestigious program n Public Administration and Government at the São Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP).

FGV EESP Clear is one of six centers, which make up the CLEAR Initiative, a global M&E capacity development program that brings together academic institutions and donor partners to foster the collection, measurement, analysis, and subsequent use of robust evidence in developing countries’ policy and programmatic decision making. FGV EESP Clear operates in Brazil and in the Portuguese speaking countries in the African continent, cooperating with governments and development actors in the national and subnational level. Our activities are divided between four main axes:

  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance
  • Evidence Generation
  • Knowledge Sharing

In order to reach our objectives of pushing the agenda on M&E forward, Clear cooperates with local actors such as governments, philanthropic institutions, civil society and academia.