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Center for Economics Research and Teaching (CIDE), Mexico City, Mexico

CLEAR Latin America stimulates the national and subnational development of Monitoring and Evaluation systems in Spanish-speaking Latin America, aiming at measuring the effectiveness and results of social programs and public policies. Its activities place it as an adviser and promoter of innovation, learning programs and applied research, so as to promote and share knowledge in M&E.

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Getúlio Vargas Foundation’s São Paulo School of Economics, São Paulo, Brazil

CLEAR Brazil and Lusophone Africa (FGV EESP Clear) works with governments and civil society organizations in order to support the development of national and subnational Monitoring & Evaluation systems. The center’s activities include: developing innovative learning programs, sharing practical knowledge and learning, providing technical assistance services and conducting applied research. The center also collaborate with CLEAR Hispanic Latin America, hosted by CIDE, in Mexico City.

The African Centre for Advanced Studies in Management (CESAG), Dakar, Senegal (in partnership with the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering – 2iE)

CLEAR Francophone Africa answers needs from governments and civil society regarding the demand for Monitoring and Evaluation and results-based management. It also provides training and capacity building and promotes a culture of evidence-based decision making. Through its partnership with 2iE, it offers trainings and courses on water and sanitation, the environment, energy and electricity, civil engineering, the mining industry and administrative sciences.

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Witwatersrand University’s Wits School of Governance, Johannesburg, South Africa (in partnership with the Kenya School of Government and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration)

CLEAR Anglophone Africa offers political evaluation frameworks and organizes learning workshops and researches related to diagnoses and Monitoring and Evaluation systems in seven English-speaking African countries. It provides trainings in the areas of Results-Based Management and Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as takes part in a three-year program from the South African Presidency’s Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, which aims to develop a framework of results and indicators for the evaluation of programs.

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The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab South Asia (J-PAL), Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Chennai, India (in partnership with the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan)

CLEAR South Asia is part of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab South Asia (J-PAL), hosted by the Institute for Financial Management and Research. The centers pursues building capacities in the region for the improvement of monitoring systems, data collection and rigorous evaluation of social programs, through trainings, consultancies, evaluations and applied research. In order to implement a supply and demand system for high quality evaluations, the center steers its actions towards to high-level decision makers as much as towards grassroots systems and institutions. Its clients include the Indian government, NGOs, civil society, foundations, academic and international development organizations.

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Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute, Shanghai, China

CLEAR East Asia is hosted by the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute, a public institution under China’s Ministry of Finance. The center, which is also present in Beijing, was created in order to strengthen capacity building in the region through workshops, trainings, forums and academic research.

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World Bank Group (WBG), Washington DC, United States.

The CLEAR program and associated funds are managed by a Global Hub housed at the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group. The Global Hub is able to leverage the World Bank’s resources, expertise and convening power to build a strong network. CLEAR’s global component anchors the overall program, supporting the regional centers, generating innovative and internationally benchmarked knowledge on approaches to capacity development, and building international brand recognition. The Hub also focusses on providing direction and leadership to knowledge exchange efforts within the network to allow the centers to learn from each other and create globally relevant knowledge on evaluation capacity development.

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