8th Brazilian Monitoring and Evaluation Network National Seminar

Registration is open for the 8th Brazilian Monitoring and Evaluation Network National Seminar, this year is organized in partnership with FGV/EESP Clear. Registration for short courses on October 5th: Registration for open sessions on October 6th:  

Workshop sobre M&A para Municípios da Região Sul

Em 27/06, o FGV/EESP Clear estará em Piraquara oferecendo, em parceria com a Frente Nacional de Prefeitos, um workshop sobre monitoramento e avaliação de políticas públicas direcionado a municípios da região cento-oeste do Brasil.

M&E Workshop for Central-Western Municipalities

On June 27th, FGV/EESP Clear will be in Aparecida de Goiânia delivering, in partnership with the Mayors National Front, a workshop on monitoring and evaluation of public policies aimed at municipalities from Brazil’s Central-Western region.

Seminar “New Skills at Work: Identification of New Skills in the State of São Paulo”

FGV/EESP Clear has developed, in partnership with the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, a study on skills gaps among technical level workforce and mismatches between their training and the productive sector’s needs within the state of São Paulo. The project completion seminar, which takes place on May 11th and is supported by...

16th Forum of the Union of the State of Santa Catarina’s Municipal Education Directors (Undime/SC)

On April 11th, FGV/EESP Clear’s Director, Prof. André Portela, takes part in Undime/SC’s 16th Statewide Forum, in the panel “Collaboration Regimes among Federate Entities”.   This is an opportunity for municipal education directors and educators from the state of Santa Catarina to debate the managemet of the municipal eduaction network, aiming to...