Evaluation of the Quality of Public Expenses

On February 14th, FGV/EESP Clear offers, in partnership with the Brazilian National Treasury, the UK Prosperity Fund and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the seminar “Evaluation of the Quality of Public Expenses” to public administrators from the Brazilian federal government and statesgovernments, which will take place at the Superior School of Finance Administration (ESAF).

In order to discuss the construction of monitoring and evaluation systems of public policies and programs, we will receive experts in the area and speakers who will share international experiences as well as Brazilian initiatives in the federal and state spheres.

On February 15th and 16th, administrators who wish to dig deeper into such subjects can also attend technical panels about the foundations of M&E systems and Mexico and Chile’s experiences with them.




Speakers’ presentations are available through the following links:

Experiência Internacional em Sistemas Integrados de M&A (Roland Clarke, World Bank)

Evaluación y Decisiones en Políticas Públicas – El Caso de Chile (Antonio Ansoleaga, Independent Consultant)

Institutionalizing Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies in Brazil (Miguel Foguel, IPEA)

La Política de Evaluación em México (Carolina Romero, CONEVAL)

Coordenação do M&A no Governo Federal (Fabiana Rodopoulos, President’s Chief of Staff Office)

A Nova Lei Complementar das Finanças Públicas e Outras Propostas (Helio Tollini, President’s Chief of Staff Office)

A Experiência do Estado do Espírito Santo (Andrezza Rosalém, Jones dos Santos Neves Institute)

Pacto Pela Educação (Maurício Cruz, Pernambuco Management Institute)

Improving the Quality of Policymaking and Government Spending (Luiz de Mello, OECD)