FGV/EESP Clear serves government agencies, private institutions, civil society organizations and academia through projects that encompass the production of information, by virtue of studies and research, as well as technical assistances. Its aim is the formulation and/or improvement of the management of policies and programs based on results.

Capacity Building

With the intent of disseminating a Monitoring and Evaluation culture in Brazil and Lusophone Africa, FGV/EESP Clear promotes capacity-building courses about various M&E methodologies. The main courses offered, within FGV/EESP, are the Basic Qualification on Monitoring and Evaluation and the Advanced Qualification on Quantitative Methods for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Social Programs. Based on demands from partner institutions, FGV/EESP Clear also develops customized courses and/or capacity building through technical assistance.


With the intent of disseminating knowledge in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation in Brazil and Lusophone Africa, FGV/EESP Clear generates publications in Portuguese, thus contributing to rectifying their scarce supply in the language, and provides them to the public free of charge.

The center’s publication may be classified into two main themes:

  1. Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. Lessons learned from projects carried out