Infographic: Evaluation of the Primeira Infância Melhor Program

24 de janeiro de 2023 - 1 min de leitura

por: Equipe FGV Clear

Tags: Evaluation infographic PIM

The infographic on this page concentrate some of the main findings of the experimental longitudinal evaluation conducted by the FGV EESP Clear team to measure the impacts of the Primeira Infância Melhor program (PIM), of the Secretary of Health of Rio Grande do Sul, among its beneficiaries. The evaluation aimed to identify the effects of the program on child development, parenting, and family access to public services.

PIM’s axes of action are surveillance and promotion of integral child development, positive parental interaction and networking. PIM acts through periodic home visits and group activities with a ludic approach, which are carried out based on individual service plans, and the articulation of network actions.

PIM is a public policy reference in early childhood care. The evaluation carried out by FGV EESP Clear is financed by the Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), and FGV‘s Research and Applied Knowledge Network.

Read the infographic in English by clicking here.